The first connected nest & Feeder

What is the purpose ?

We are trying to help repopulating the birds in a gamified way by providing them a habitat, especially in the urban areas, where people have a hard time connecting with nature and participate in its protection.

Connected Nest

It's augmented by a camera and multiple sensors which makes it smart.


It pushes notifications but most importantly photos of key events.


Get connected to the world, share your experience and learn from others.


Games, news, quizzes, earn achievements, keep up with the competition and rank up your nest.

Offering a unique experience

100% autonomy, decision making capabilities, auto switching from high power to low power mode when there’s not enough battery and harvesting solar energy to recharge itself.

Works everywhere

Deploy, Configure and Explore

You can deploy our nest in your garden, balcony or anywhere you find suitable for the birds, connect with your nest using your home or workplace Wi-Fi network