Who We Are ?

Our Mission

We are trying to help repopulate birds by providing them a habitat, especially in the urban areas, where people have a hard time connecting with nature and participate in its protection.

Scientists don’t have the right tools to act

Within the last 30 years, more than 420 million birds have disappeared in Europe. One of the reasons is the destruction of their habitat. Experts are lacking data to understand, orientate and prioritize the required actions. Currently people (volunteers) are hired to count birds and gather data on them for example, which type of species is it and so on. It is expensive to hire enough people to cover a large area, they need to have training for this task. 

We need a new way to generate the required data for the scientists to help the cause of biodiversity. So, our solution is a consumer product (Connected Nest / Feeder) which collects that data and makes it available to the scientists and researchers.